Best Health and Wellness Spas of the Sacred Valley

Discover the best health and wellness spas in the Sacred Valley and why you should consider incorporating one of them into your next Peru vacation.

Travelers looking to go on a sensorial adventure to renew their health and spiritual energy can find some of the best health and wellness spas located in Peru. It’s no secret that the country is full of mysticism and Andean folklore that are sure to bring the necessary relaxation you are looking for on your vacation. One specific destination that has some great options for health and wellness spas is the Sacred Valley. These following healing destinations will help to feed your soul or at least give your body a good detox.  Natural Insert

The Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel is located in the tranquility of the Sacred Valley and its Unno Spa is at the heart of the hotel. This is the perfect choice for those looking for a calming retreat. The health center is specialized to help put your mind,Best Health and Wellness Spas of the Sacred Valley Articles body and soul at ease. It offers a mix of modern technology with mystic Andean treatments. Some notable amenities include a hyperbaric chamber, hydrotherapy pools, Vichy shower treatment rooms and meditation. It’s their wide variety of Inca and modern treatments that make it the major wellness center in the Sacred Valley. The hotel also features Kusi Pisco Bar and Sushi Bar and a vegetarian restaurant to purify the body and nourish the soul. All visitors are guaranteed to leave feeling a sense of harmony with themselves and more at peace mentally and physically.

This luxurious Casa Andina Private Collection Sacred Valley Spa looks like a cluster of mountain chalets surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Sacred Valley. It is definitely a serene and relaxing option for your stay, fully equipped with amenities to ensure comfort and relaxation during the entire duration of your trip. There are many fabulous treatments for optimum relaxation. Some of the options you will find here are Andean therapies, specialized massages and reflexology. On site, there is also a planetarium and an observatory perfect for viewing constellations only visible in the Southern Hemisphere. In the full service ‘Sacred Spa’, guests will be able to enjoy delicious local cuisine in the gourmet restaurant.

Rio Sagrado Hotel (Villas and Spa Orient Express) was built in harmony with the natural splendor of the valley. Rio Sagrado means “sacred river,” and is the perfect name for the hotel as it’s what the Incas designated the nearby waterway where the property lays. This beautiful scenery mixed with the Sacred Valley backdrop make it an ideal choice for any traveler looking to add a bit of relaxation while enjoying the natural beauty that this region has to offer. On the premises of the hotel ‘Mayu Willka Spa’ can be found. This contains an Incan shower, sauna, unique facial treatments and massages, body treatments and solarium. Some of the wellness classes that you can take advantage of are yoga, Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung or payments to the Mother Earth. To finish matters off, their gourmet El Huerto restaurant and bar features organic and fresh Peruvian cuisine made from fruits, vegetables and spices from their on-site garden.

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